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The End of Work

In a world where automation and technological advancements redefine the workforce, this documentary explores the impending reality of widespread job scarcity, unravelling the social and economic implications as humanity faces the uncertain dawn of a workless era.

Feature Documentary

Length: 80 - 90'

Genre: Social Issues, Economy, Technology

Status: Under Development


The Project

This is a proposal for a feature documentary about the present and future of work where, through interviews with experts, economists, technologists, and ordinary people affected by this seismic shift, we'll unravel the pivotal question: Will automation replace our jobs, or will we forge new paths in the ever-evolving landscape of work?

How a workless era would reshape our society, affect our psychology, and even touch the very essence of our nature?


In a not-too-distant future, the very foundation of our society is shaken as automation and technological progress revolutionize industries and render traditional jobs obsolete. This documentary takes viewers on a journey into a world grappling with the aftermath of widespread unemployment, delving into the intricate web of social, economic, and psychological implications that ensue.


As machines increasingly dominate the workforce, humans will find themselves confronted with an existential crisis, as centuries-old concepts of labor and employment crumble before their eyes.

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Amazon employees working on robot manufacturing in Westborough.

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The documentary meticulously examines the multifaceted consequences of job scarcity, illuminating the strain on social structures, the widening wealth gap, and the deep psychological impact on individuals.


Amidst the uncertainties and anxieties, glimmers of hope emerge as individuals and communities navigate this new landscape, adapting, reimagining, and creating alternative paths forward. The documentary invites audiences to reflect on the possibilities of a world where work is redefined, and where the pursuit of meaningful lives transcends the confines of traditional employment.

The End of Work aims to confront with profound questions about our collective future, pushing the boundaries of our understanding and challenging the very fabric of our society.

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The Aesthetics Of The Project

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Our Previous Projects

Born in Madrid, Alberto García is a documentary film producer and director with experience in non-fiction feature films for TV and platforms such as Netflix, Movistar+ and conventional television, as well as a large experience also in advertising, having worked on campaigns for brands such as Adidas, BMW, Lancome, Barceló, Ferrero, MINI and Shiseido.

He has produced several documentaries such us “Not a Game” (Movistar+ & Netflix), which explored the social impact of video games in our society, and “11M: Terror in Madrid “(Netflix), about the terrorist bombing attack which took place in Madrid in 2004. He has also taken part on most of the the creative process, shooting and editing for all this projects.

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