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Artificial intelligence is transforming the world as we know it, creating a future where AI will impact humans in ways that are only limited by our imagination.


A documentary series exploring how AI will change the world we live in. From human relations, to art, economy, education, science, media, government and warfare.

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The Project

This is a proposal for a documentary series* about the impact new technology advances are having in our society and the revolution yet to come in all aspects of our world.


This documentary series is planned to be at least one season composed of 9 episodes of 40 minutes each.

*Open to other possible documentary formats.


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to affect every aspect of our lives and our civilisation, from social bonds and ethics to economy, science development, healthcare, education, surveillance, media, government and even war.

This documentary series explores both the positive and negative sides of the advances of AI in our society. Why many experts and researchers are excited about it and why many are worried. The benefits yet to come and the challenges we, as a society, will have to face.

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As some experts and renowned people have said, this technology could be our best invention, but also could be our last. Could this technology eventually turn against us?


The documentary series will focus on each area where AI will have an impact, such us economy, education, governance, science development,

media, warfare and human relations. With a narrative in which real human stories are intertwined with expert contributions, important events and images

with a great visual and conceptual impact.

We are starting to see what we previously thought could only happen in movies.

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What Experts Are Saying

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A Global Hot Topic

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The Aesthetics Of The Project

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The Age of AI.png
The Age of AI.png
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